My Little Runaway

Yesterday, Karen dragged me to a running store so I could buy some professionally fitted running shoes. (Our new Peloton treadmill was installed on Friday, and she was anxious for me to give it a whirl.)

I wouldn’t say I like running. Never have. But off we went.

We walked into the store and were immediately greeted by a smiling saleswoman. Before I knew it, I was standing on a machine that created a digital image of how I stand and the pressure I put on the different parts of my feet. The salesperson took the time to explain the image and what it meant in terms of getting sneakers.

“Hey, that was pretty cool,” I said to Karen.

A pair of “test” sneakers were brought out. The salesperson put them on my feet, took out her iPad, and told me she would record me running to see the precise type of sneaker I needed. The store had a mini-track, and off I went.

After the “run,” she showed me the video and explained why she would pick out the type of shoes she was about to go get.

Minutes later, she came back with three pairs of running shoes. I tried on all three and ran again. Soon I had narrowed it down to two pairs, tried them on and ran once more, and then decided on the winner.

After adding some running socks, Karen and I left the store with my new running shoes, which I’m positive will make me speedier.

Surprisingly, I enjoyed making the purchase and wouldn’t say I liked shopping. So what happened?


I was in the hands of a sales pro who took me seamlessly through a well-choreographed sales presentation. The process was a pleasure.

Let me ask you, kemosabe; When a prospect comes into your business, whether that’s a physical location or online, how is their experience? Is it choreographed to put them at ease and lead to the sale? Could it be better?

I know I have some work to do in that area, how about you?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Marathon Man” Dee

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