Movie Review: Tony Robbins “I Am Not Your Guru”

On Saturday, the wife and I watched the new documentary on Netflix titled Tony Robbins: I Am Not Your Guru.

Director Joe Berlinger’s film promises a “behind the scenes look at the Date With Destiny seminar” but instead has made a movie that plays more like a two-hour infomercial.

It’s obvious that Berlinger is a Robbins fan, as am I, but this results in him not taking a deep or critical look into the subject matter.

With that being said,  the lessons we as marketers and salespeople can extract from it are pure gold.  You really need to watch it with a notepad in hand but here are a fours things to look for:

  1. Although the title suggests that Robbins is not a guru, he most certainly is and uses a plethora of tactics and strategies to reinforce his guru status.
  2. His use of music, movement and language to evoke emotional states is powerful. His sound crew is always spot on queuing up the right song at the right time. Robbins is the master at taking his audience on an emotional journey.
  3.  Robbins discipline to follow a routine and train his team to support his routine is impressive. From sitting overlooking the ocean doing his “priming” morning routine, to eating something in the limo on the way to venue, to having his microphone put on the minute he steps out of the car, to his wife putting a vitamin substance into his mouth before he goes on stage, to him doing his “power move” the second before he hits the stage – everything is choreographed perfectly so he can perform at at Peak state. I for one am going to tighten up my routine after seeing this.
  4. Tony’s sincerity. I believe he is truly passionate, or as he says “obsessed” with helping people change their lives. He has to be. The event is grueling and he has long surpassed the need to make more money. He does it because it is his life’s mission.

So if you’re looking for great Robbins content or to learn more about the man, then the film isn’t for you but if you look below the surface, there is a lot that you can learn and profit from.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Movie Critic” Dee