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Movie recommendation

After you see a great movie or eat at a fantastic restaurant, what’s something you do the next day?

More than likely, you talk about it with your friends and tell them they must see the movie or try the restaurant. Many of your friends will do it because of your enthusiasm.

Now imagine that you’re casually talking to your attorney about retirement planning, and she raves about her financial advisor and what a great job he does. Would you be more inclined to call that advisor over an advisor that invites you to a seminar and a steak dinner?

The answer is, “of course.”

Next, reverse roles and imagine that a non-competing business owner who serves the same types of clients as you enthusiastically recommended YOU and YOUR services to all of his clients.

Would some of those clients be interested in meeting with you?

Word-of-mouth advertising is powerful, and getting an enthusiastic endorsement from people of influence takes it to another level.

To get started, make a list of all of the businesses that have the same client profile as you do.

In February’s “Sales Arcana” newsletter, I share a step-by-step framework for getting other business owners who already have your ideal clients to recommend you enthusiastically and show you how to fill your calendar with appointments with a one-to-many presentation.

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Dave “Get Endorsements” Dee

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