Mission Critical When Doing A Webinar

I've been doing webinars and teleseminars for a LONG time. Way before they became popular.

I have a formula that I use for every webinar or teleseminar I do. It's magical. (I will be doing a full training on this in the coming months.) There is one piece to my formula that seems inconsequential but is mission critical to your success.  Here 'tis…

After your opening, you want to tell you viewers/listeners to not check their email, surf the web, text with people, etc., to be totally present and pay close attention to what you're about to reveal. You tell then why they should do this by reiterating the transformation they'll experience by doing so. 

Does this mean your viewers/listeners won't be A.D.D. and do those egregious things? Some won't but even the ones who do will be MORE attentive, especially if you follow the rest of my formula. 

Here is another important lesson for you, young squire:

Whenever you give your audience a command, you need to give them a reason(s) why listening to you will benefit them. Sure, a handful of people will do what you tell them to do simply because you have a commanding presence but most people need to know what's in it for them.

If you want to watch a webinar that's produced crazy results – a high conversion rate AND millions in sales – register for it now. Pay close attention on two levels: 

1. For the content which is all about magnetically attracting a flood of new customers clients and patients.

2. For how I've structured the webinar. There is a lot to be learned. Not everything of course, because a lot of what I do is not apparent. But you will learn enough through careful observation that will help improve your webinar results.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Webinar Wizard" Dee