Minimum wage, protesters and strange headgear

Lots ‘o emotionally charged political stuff in the news, wouldn’t you say?

There are women in the street wearing vagina headgear and protesters smashing windows of Starbucks and Bank of America. (Quite ironic since both of these institutions donated booku bucks to Hillary’s campaign.)

And the list goes on and on but, alas, there was yet another peaceful transference of power and a new President is in the Oval Office.

But lest you think your fearless leader is going on a political diatribe, let me get to the point that will help you generate more sales and mucho income.

Words and language matter a lot.

Being casual with your language when doing a pitch, will cost you DEEnero. How you say what you say makes a huge difference in the reaction you get from people.

To use a politically charged issue, opponents of raising the “minimum wage” blew it when they let proponents of it refer to it as a “living wage.”

They could have used a simple reframe and called it a “starting wage.” When you call it a “living wage” you immediately begin to calculate how much more someone needs to make. Calling it a “starting wage” makes you think about where someone should START and sets up the expectation that there will be more.

Another example: Asking “What’s troubling you?” versus “What’s wrong with you?” will elicit a dramatically different emotional response.

Sometimes a simple word like “but” can undo a sale. When answering an objection, you never want to use the word “but” because you are instantly telling the prospect that what he just said in wrong.

Remember, like politics, people buy based on emotions and emotions are not only influenced by ideas but by the language used to convey those ideas.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “How Do I Get One Of Them Hats?” Dee