The mentalists secret for getting results no one talks about

Last week, I held four business owners hostage for two days at the ole homestead and they paid me handsomely for the privilege.

We worked a lot on their sales presentations. Some we created from scratch, others we tweaked and made immeasurably more effective. We spent a lot of time on the words. That’s cool because what you say is, obviously, mega important to how well you do.

But, my fine feathered friend, how you DELIVER those words is EQUALLY as important. If your presentation skills suck, then your results are going to suffer.

A couple nights ago, I was watching a training video from a very accomplished mentalist. He taught his script so we would know what to say to get the desired results we wanted. I took notes on that, of course, but I also took notes on how he delivered his script.

This is NOT to say, that I am going to copy what he did. Not at all. His presentational style is not my presentational style. (That’s why when I train people in one to many selling, I help them because a larger version of who they are instead of trying to mimick me.) But, watching how he delivered his script garnered many lessons.

Think about your one-to-many sales presentations as a play. When you go to the theater, the actors don’t just recite a script, they are living it and you are engaged. It’s not just the story, it’s the delivery of the story.

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Kick Butt, make Mucho DEEnero!
Dave “Mr Presentation” Dee