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How To Get More Appointments With Qualified Prospects And Make More Sales In LESS Time And With a LOT Less Effort!


  • What you’ll discover in this master class about consistently, reliably, and predictably getting more appointments with qualified leads. (00:12)
  • Case studies: How advisors doubled their businesses and more by following the unique client model you will discover. (00:52)
  • The five major benefits of this model and why they are important to growing your practice. (03:13)
  • The unusual way this new client attraction model came into being as if by magic. (05:16)
  • Answers to two crucial questions (Not having these answers hold some advisors back from achieving the success they could experience.) (07:54)
  • Four steps to filling your calendar with prospects motivated to work with you now. (09:31)
  • A big mistake advisors make that they think is helping their prospects but kills their conversions. (14:39)
  • How to smooth the transition to asking for the appointment while removing any feelings of awkwardness. (17:46)
  • The three-step formula for making a compelling offer that only qualified prospects respond to.(20:02)
  • How to take the information in this master class and use it to quickly see results in your bank account. (26:31)
  • The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to create your evergreen client attraction machine. (27:25)
  • Answers to the most frequently asked questions about this unique client attraction model. (29:36)