The magic of hiding in a closet with toilet paper

When I was working for the fine folks at GKIC, a product launch wasn’t doing well so they asked me what we could do.

My response is let’s do a live webcast. That’s almost always my response because there is nothing better to create a stampede of sales.

The problemo was that I was at a seminar and had no time to prepare. But, have no fear, young squire, I did have my sales presentation template so I quickly, I mean in about 15 minutes, jotted down some notes to fill in the template on paper and was ready to rock.

The next problemo was that the Internet connection in my hotel room sucked. I ran down to the lobby with my computer and asked if they had a hard-wired connection I could use.

The lovely front desk woman said the only place she knew was the storage closet so off I went. I set up my computer on a small desk in the room, logged into Google Hangouts and I was live on the air. I noticed behind me, and visible to the viewers, there were rolls of toilet paper. Now that’s what I call a classy set.

Anyway, I did the presentation from my notes straight to the camera. When the dust settled, I had sold over $100,000. SA-weet!

I could get this kind of result for two reasons. First was by having a proven template to follow. That is important but NOT the most important part. The most important part was the use of ethical mind control techniques to get people salivating over the offer.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “I wonder if I could have used the toilet paper as bonuses” Dee