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Karen and I spent a couple of fun-filled days in Nantucket with friends. Much wine was consumed, and yes, lobster, properly pronounced in New England as “lobsta,” was eaten.

As an aside, if you visit Nantucket, expect to leave with your wallet significantly lighter. A lobster roll came in at $49. And sadly, I can tell you where to get a tastier one in Atlanta.

I’m fortunate to have grown up in the Western part of Massachusetts, where the New England accent is non-existent. I’m not a fan of the accent. It grates on me a bit, although not as much as paying almost $50 for a lobster roll.

Regardless of your accent, how you use your voice is a significant factor in how persuasively you communicate.

The actual words you say only account for part of communicating your message. The tone, pitch, speed, and pauses between words, can either serve to persuade or dissuade your prospects from buying. That’s why simply memorizing a script and spitting it out verbatim doesn’t work. It’s not just the words you say but how you say them.

I recently reviewed a recording from one of my Webinar Mastery Academy members. He nailed the script, but when recording his webinar, he simply read the words. There was no emotion, drama, or passion. As a result, his short-form webinar sounded flat and uninspired.

When speaking to sell, you need to think about the emotion you’re trying to convey with your words. If you are telling a sad story, your voice needs to convey that you are sad. When making an important point, it might be smart to slow down and maybe even speak softer and with more power. Don’t be like President Biden and do that creepy whispering thing, though. 🙂

Yes, I know this is advanced stuff, but as the late, great Jim Rohn said, “Life expects us to make a reasonable amount of progress in a reasonable amount of time. That’s why they make those second-grade chairs so small.”

Tomorrow, I’m going to share with you a secret from the greatest living voice-over artist that will make your communication cut through the noise and speak to the hearts of your prospects.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Lobsta Man” Dee

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