At least I didn’t get electrocuted

Before I relate my weekend tale of woe to you, here are the details about the LIVE broadcast I’m doing tomorrow.

It happens at 2:00 pm ET and should go to around 3:30. The topic is how to create and deliver six figure online events. The host is my good friend and CEO of Elite Digital Kim Walsh-Phillips.

The Kimster is a very successful practitioner of my evil methods and wanted to share it with her subscribers and was kind enough to let me invite you.

If you want to watch, you can register here, right now.

So the wife tells me that this year we’re putting up Christmas lights on the outside of the house and that I am the one to do it. Yay! How awesome…NOT!

Anyway,  I enlist the help of my son to get ‘er done. I tell him that it should be quick and that we’d be done in time to watch the Dolphins game.

Um, it took a bit longer than expected.

We wrap the lights around one of the pillars and soon discover that they look like crap. So we unwind and then wrap them again more carefully.

Then we come to the conclusion that we have nowhere near enough lights to make it look decent. We also realize that the extension cords we bought were for indoor use and under no circumstances should get wet. We read this as the rain was pouring down.

Back to Home Depot we go. This time we buy the right extension cords, so we don’t get electrocuted and more lights.

Back at the homestead, we begin wrapping the lights again, it’s soon thereafter that we learn a valuable Christmas light lesson namely: Make sure you check to make sure the lights work before you put them up.

I will spare you the rest of the details but suffice to say, we have a bit more work to do —even though the wife was complimentary of our effort.

The moral of this story?

Simply this: You can’t be great at everything. You need to delegate as much as you can so you can spend your time working inside your area of genius. Do that and your sales and profits will increase…and your frustration with lessen.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Not A Handyman” Dee

P.S. After we come inside after a few hours of light hanging, my son and I settle down to watch our beloved Miami Dolphins and what happens? They get a real butt whooping. Awesome day, my friend, just awesome. I’m pretty darn confident that my live broadcast tomorrow will go significantly better. 😉