How laying down on the floor can net you six figures

For the past couple of days, I’ve been telling you the weird way I got into the highly lucrative world of information marketing. (If you missed those two emails, stop and read them here.)

So the orders for the information product I hadn’t yet created were coming in at an exciting pace but no money was deposited in the bank because I didn’t want to process them until I shipped the product.

Let me tell you something: When you have thousands and thousands dollars worth of orders, you are very motivated to get the product out the door. So I got to work.

First, I compiled all of the marketing materials I was using in my business. This was easy because I was using the stuff and I knew it worked. Next, I went back to my trusty typewriter and banged out explanations of the marketing materials I was using as well as some fundamental marketing principles.

BANG: The manual was done. Yeah, it wasn’t pretty. It was full of typos but so was the sales letter I sent to sell the product. Hey, why not be consistent?!

Next, I promised four audio tapes so I ran out to my local Radioshack and bought a clip on microphone and some blank cassette tapes.

My plan was to record the tapes on my home stereo system. The only problemo was that the stereo was on the floor and the microphone cord was about three feet long. I ended up recording the tapes laying on my side, on the ground. By the end my neck was cramped and my elbow was sore but the tapes were done.

To duplicate the four cassettes, I bought four boom boxes – one was dedicated to each tape and I started duplicating tapes and labelling them manually.

To fulfill orders, I would go to Kinkos with the master of my manual and have them make copies. I’d then put them in a three ring binder and put that and the tapes into a big padded envelope and mail them.

I was officially “in the game” and my bank account began to swell. Almost daily, new orders would come in.

It was an exciting time not only from a financial standpoint, which was tremendous, but from a freedom standpoint. It was liberating to know that I had a machine in place that deposited DEEnero in my bank account while I slept.

It relieved a tremendous amount of stress because I did not HAVE to go out and do shows in order to provide for my family.

It was empowering because this second income stream, which soon would surpass my main income stream, allowed me to work when I wanted, where I wanted without restriction.

It was life-altering in the most positive way possible.

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Yes, Dave I Want A Six Figure Online Business


Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!
Dave “Action Jackson” Dee