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Killer combo to get more clients

Let’s start with a fundamental principle.

You need more than one way to attract clients.

Now that that’s out of the way give a killer one-two combination that starts filling your calendar with top-notch prospects.

It’s doing seminars and webinars.

Seminars are when you do a live in-person event. Webinars are like seminars but online. Both have their advantages and disadvantages that we can talk about some other time. Today, though, I want to share how you use both in tandem to get a maximum bang from your marketing buck.

With almost all States opening up, seminars are becoming a thing again. I work with many financial advisors, and many are killing it with seminars. If you sell a professional service and aren’t doing educational/sales seminars, you are missing the boat. It is one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads.

But, even though seminars are back, that doesn’t mean you should abandon webinars. Some prospects simply won’t go to a seminar but would gladly stay home and watch a webinar. Some prospects register for seminars and don’t show up or show up but do not schedule an appointment.

You can literally double the results you get from your seminars and all of your lead generation efforts by doing a live webinar to all of your unconverted leads once a month.

Lead generate for your seminar and then do a webinar to of all your unconverted leads.

Lead generate for your monthly webinar and then offer your unconverted leads a ticket to your seminar.

Think about this: Let’s say you do a seminar and schedule ten appointments, and then later in the month, you do a webinar and schedule another five appointments. Assuming your closing percentage during consultations holds up, what impact would add 50% more prospects to your calendar for your bottom line? It’s pretty significant, isn’t it?

What’s cool is that once you have a one-to-many presentation that converts, you can use it for seminars and webinars with minor modifications.

Suppose you want to discover how to make a successful presentation and tweak it to turn it into a powerhouse presentation. In that case, April’s Inner Sanctum VIP masterclass is what you’re looking for. I’m dissecting a presentation sent to me by a financial advisor and adding my tweaks to it. As a result, you’ll be able to apply and profit from what I show you regardless of your business.

The deadline to get access to the masterclass is tomorrow.

You know what to do.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Webinars + Seminars = $” Dee

About the Author Dave Dee

Dave Dee is the author of the new book, “Sales Stampede” that shows you how to create and deliver signature presentations from the stage or via webinars that sell your consultations, products, or services like magic. For more information and to grab your copy, CLICK HERE now.