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Karen’s weird reason she likes this type of candy

A couple of days ago, Karen and I were having a serious conversation about candy.

The Mrs. likes it a lot more than I do, with her favorite being M&M’s. When I asked her why she liked them best, she replied, and I kid you not, “Because they don’t get messy in your hands.”

Say what?

Taste? Nope.

Texture? Nada.

Sweetness? N-O.

“Because they don’t get messy.”

What planet is she from? Did I marry an alien?

But here’s the essential part of the sweet little tale, young squire.

You can never assume what your prospect’s motivations are for buying your product or service. You always have to probe and discover their buying criteria.

Once you know what’s most important to your prospect, you can structure your presentation to match the benefits of what you’re selling with what the prospect desires.

That’s one of my biggest “secrets” to high-ticket closing sales, $12.500+ with a single call. I find out the real reasons why my prospects are interested in my service in what order of importance.

(Read that sentence again.)

At the S3 Summit, Julie and I will be covering closing sales in-depth. Quite honestly, that single session will be worth a hundred times the measly investment to attend the Summit in person or virtually.

Remember that every time you increase your closing percentage, you give yourself an instant pay raise.

Okay, today is the anniversary of Karen and my first date. So I think I’ll buy her one of those giant bags of M&M’s.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Cleanliness is next to…” Dee

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