The Benefits of Being a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP

  1. Monthly virtual coaching sessions.   You, your fellow VIPs, and me meet in a private video conference room. Typically, I start each coaching session by teaching something that's working now and can help you. Then VIPS can ask questions of the other members and me. You can run your ideas by us, get your problems solved, get strategic guidance, and more.

    The truth is, even if you don't have a question, you'll get a lot of value from just listening to your fellow VIPs. My VIPs tell me that some of their most significant breakthroughs come from listening to the advice other people get.

    We record the virtual coaching sessions, so if you can't make it live, no worries.

  2. Monthly "Sales and Marketing Masterclasses." Each class is hyper-focused on either, attracting more leads, close more sales, get referrals, generate a cashflow surge, systematize your marketing or sales process and as a result put more money in your pocket.

    The masterclass is delivered via online video inside of the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP members-only portal. You also get the masterclass as audio so you can listen to it on the go, and it's mailed to you in print.

    Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP Scott Kilpatrick from Australia wrote, "I sit like a dog at the mailbox panting for the next masterclass in print."
  3. Monthly Inner Game of Success sessions. Taking care of your mind, body, and spirit is crucial to your business success. I study these subjects in great depth and develop practices around them. Every month I share with my findings, and what I'm doing so you can reduce stress, increase your productivity, become more mindful, and mentally resilient so you can be the entrepreneur you were born to be.
  4. PRIVATE call-in days. Twice a year, I set aside time to talk with my VIPs. You get a phone number to call, and when you get through, you receive a 15-minute consultation with me.

  5. Inner Sanctum VIP Facebook Group. Ask questions, get answers, and participate in discussions with other VIPs. I also occasionally pop into the forum to answer questions. The activity in the forum isn't overwhelming or a major time suck because the VIPs are successful people without time to waste.

As you can see, you receive lots of benefits when you become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, but the fact is if you were to use just one tip, tool, strategy, or technique every few months or so, you'd easily more than pay for a year's membership.

If you want even more help to grow your business, you get 50% discounts on many of my advanced online courses, products, and live events.

Get This $297 Bonus Gift When You
Become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP

When you become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP, you get instant access to a $297 special edition masterclass titled, 7 Insider Secrets for Increasing Your Sales Without Spending Another Penny on Marketing. This masterclass will quickly get you up to speed on my sales-boosting methodology and give you tools and strategies to produce immediate sales. For example, you'll discover:

  • The 7-step formula for creating an offer your prospects are powerless to resist. (Miss any part of this formula and your sales will suffer. You'll want to check your current offers and make sure they follow this method.)
  • A simple, yet devastatingly powerful “tweak” you can make to any offer that will create a stunning increase in sales. (Almost everyone misses this easy fix, and it causes profits to slip through their fingers at an alarming rate.)
  • An insider’s view of my Sales Surge Machine and how you can use it to rake in money month after month by clicking “send.” (Warning: Don’t think because you might not sell a “product” that this won’t work for you. This works brilliantly for filling your calendar with appointments.)
  • Six copyright-free, copy-paste-and profit Sales Surge Machine email templates (three for the standard promotions and three for the themed promotions) that make generating monster sized profits a breeze. (Use these immediately.)
  • The secret for holding your prospects spellbound during your presentation whether you are doing a presentation for one person or one-thousand people.
  • How to become a powerful master of influence. (You will use what you discover here in your personal life and well as in your business. Yes, you can ethically get people to bend to your will.)
  • The simple mind-shift change that will unleash your power to close sales like magic. (This is the biggest game-changer for many people that turns mediocre selling to unstoppable sales success.)
  • The 10 Commandments of Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIPs. (This is our credo, and when you adopt it as your own, business growth, success, and financial freedom are inevitable.)
  • Plus even more, sales-boosting secrets.

Again, you receive the special edition masterclass for free and all of the benefits previously described for only $97 a month. That's a "whopping" $3.23 a day. You can't even buy a specialty coffee drink for that.

Please note that there are no refunds, but you can cancel whenever you want, no questions asked.

With that said, if someone leaves the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum, they're not allowed back in. As I mentioned, VIPs are serious about increasing their sales and making more money without working harder, and we only want people in the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum who are also committed to their success.

If you decide to take the annual membership option, you get TWO MONTHS of Dave Inner Sanctum VIP for FREE, plus an additional $997 bonus, the Business Breakthrough Blueprint.

In the Business Breakthrough Blueprint program, you’ll discover precisely what I did to take my entertainment business from three shows a month to twenty-five shows a month in less than 90 days. The strategies you’ll discover having nothing to do with booking gigs. These are steps any entrepreneur can take to double, triple, or even quadruple their sales.

Here’s a fraction of what you'll discover in this bonus video training:

  • The single most important catalyst for you experiencing an income breakthrough. (This has nothing do with sales, marketing, or even goal setting. Once you learn what it is, you will be unstoppable.)
  • Precisely what to do when the chips are down and you need to turn things around fast. (It has nothing to do with motivation, affirmations, visualization or new-age nonsense. It's practical and it works every time.)
  • How to make room for your breakthrough even if you feel overwhelmed and don't have a minute to spare to do anything else. (This goes far beyond basic time management and into the area of quantum results and energy management.)
  • Tony Robbin's strategy that turns a common "success practice" on its head and makes it ten times more effective. (You'll watch Tony, in a little known video, teach you how to do this.)
  • How to set and achieve your most aggressive goals. (Following this procedure, I paid off $80,000 worth of debt in one year.)
  • Plus so much more.

After you go through this training, you'll have your own business breakthrough blueprint ready to deploy.

Remember you get this program for FREE, in addition to two-months of the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP membership for FREE, when you select the annual membership option.

Ready to become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP? Click the button below to select your enrollment option.

Something You Should Know

The reason I’m giving you all of these benefits is not to overwhelm you with information. It’s to improve your business and your life.

That's why you can pick and choose which benefits are most important to you at any given time and ignore the rest without guilt or feeling like you're not getting “maximum value.”

My goal is for you to see measurable results in your bank account. If you want to take advantage of all of the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP benefits, cool. If only one or two of the benefits are important to you at any particular time, that's perfectly fine as well.

The Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP membership is about giving you what you need to take your business and your life from where it is to where you want it to be.

Let's do a quick review of everything you receive when you become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP.

Monthly Membership
  • Monthly Masterclass (Video, Audio, And Print)
  • Monthly Live Virtual Mastermind. (Now weekly during the Covid-19 crisis.)
  • Monthly Inner Game Of Success Webcast
  • Four, Live Private Call-In Days Per Year
  • Access To Inner Sanctum VIP Forum
  • $997 Bonus Training: Business Breakthrough Blueprint

Investment: $97/month

Yearly Membership
(Get two months FREE)
  • Monthly Masterclass (Video, Audio, And Print
  • Monthly Live Virtual Mastermind. (Now weekly during the Covid-19 crisis.)
  • Monthly Inner Game Of Success Webcast
  • Four, Live Private Call-In Days Per Year
  • Access To Inner Sanctum VIP Forum
  • $997 Bonus Training: Business Breakthrough Blueprint

Investment: $970/year

Remember that our mission is to increase your sales without spending more money on advertising and without you working harder. Together, we can make that happen.

If that sounds good, become a Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP now.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee