This incident confirmed my deepest suspicions

Two things happened last week that reinforced something I’ve already believed.

First, one of the guys working on our lawn rang the doorbell and handed me a crumpled up five-dollar bill and said, “I found this while mowing. It probably fell out of your pocket.” Naturally, I thanked him and told him to keep it.

Second, Karen and I went to see the movie “Dunkirk,” which I highly recommend. While I was waiting to buy my tickets, a dude in his early twenties, stepped up to the ticket counter next to me and said, “I bought my ticket online but accidentally clicked the senior discount price. I owe you some more money.”

Yep, my belief that most people are honest and fair was once again confirmed.

Since we are bombarded daily by negative news, I thought you’d find these two stories uplifting. There is an important sales and marketing point as well. Namely:

Offer great guarantees.

Remember, in every transaction; one party assumes more of the risk than the other. If you want to close more sales, then you should assume as much of the risk as possible.

Will a small fraction of people take advantage of you? Maybe but it will be tiny. As I’ve shown you today, most folks are honest.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Faith In Humanity Confirmed” Dee

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