Idiocy you won’t believe

I’m writing to you from my front porch, soaking up some sun before I venture down to my office for the day. Once again, I realize how thankful I am to not work for anyone else.

Last week I wrote about how I wasn’t the most popular employee at the former GKIC – especially by the CEOs.

Today, I’m going to tell you about an incident that almost caused me to quit. It’s a lesson about how priorities can be screwed up.

I had just conceived and created a new product for GKIC. We were planning one of my now famous four hour live launches.  I wanted to test the presentation I had also produced before the launch, so I decided to do it at a boot camp, which I also ran.

There were about 100 people in the audience, and I ended up selling 35 of the yet to be released product at a $2,500 per unit price point. Can you say home run?

I was excited because I knew we had a winner, and the all-important launch was going to kill. I called up the CEO at the time to deliver the good news. What do you think happened? Were “atta-boys” and virtual high-fives flying around the room?

Nope. Just the opposite.

The CEO was upset because “Now those people won’t buy the product during the launch, and the revenue will have to go into the wrong ‘bucket.”


I could not believe it! I lost it. My good friend, and fellow Bootcamp presenter, Mike “The Jewel” Stodola, had to walk me off the ledge. I was furious at the corporate idiocy that I had just experienced.

The fact is that many entrepreneurs have misplaced priorities as well. They fiddle around with the newest marketing fad. They work on improving their craft. They plan complicated funnels. But they avoid the most fundamental and most crucial factor to their success: SELLING and getting great at it.


NOTHING will take your business from where it is to where you want it to be faster than becoming a master at closing sales.

Feel free to put your increased profits in any “bucket” you’d like.

Now go sell something.

Dave “Can You Believe It?” Dee

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