I should sell you this, but here it is for nada. - Dave Dee

I should sell you this, but here it is for nada.

Last week, I wrote a five-part mini-course about people’s big mistakes when selling one-to-many. If you didn’t get a chance to read it, go here.

This week, we’ll continue the festivities with a mini-course titled “The 5 Biggest Mistakes Professionals Make Selling Their Services And How To Avoid Them.”

You’ll discover how to turn more meetings with prospective clients into sales without using high-pressure, old-fashioned sales techniques that you hate using and that turn prospects off.

Imagine you could wave a magic wand and know with complete confidence that whenever you meet with a prospect, whether in person or virtually, you’ll turn them into a client without stress.

Think about if you double your closing percentage. How would that transform your business? How about your life? Does it sound impossible? It’s not. I’ll show you how.

I’m confident that you are an expert at getting your clients results, but here’s a little secret they never taught you in school:

Until you learn how to sell, you’re never going to enjoy the kind of success you’re entitled to.

IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Do NOT blame yourself for lacking the skill to know how to sell to your clients. You were never taught. You may even be offended that I’m discussing “sales” with you…a professional.

I realize that thinking of yourself as a “salesperson” might shock you. You’re probably thinking, “But Dave, I’m not a salesperson. I’m a professional. I help people, and I don’t need to sell.”

Let me gently but firmly tell you that you’re mistaken. And it wasn’t until I figured this out that my business took off.

But knowing how to sell is not the most crucial part of it. Sure, the money is nice…and I’d be kidding you if I said it wasn’t…but the absolute satisfaction comes from becoming so skillful that people, who need your help, no longer have to walk out of your office wondering what to do.

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of sitting down with that person and communicating with them on such a deep level that, by the time you are finished, they not only write you a large check …on the spot…but then they thank you profusely and hug you for helping them.

Is that an illusion? Is that a daydream? No. It happens every day with folks I work with. When prospect meets with folks I’ve trained, virtually every one of them immediately signs up and becomes a client.

To be clear, I’m not promising you that you’ll double your sales just from reading this mini-course. Naturally, there’s more to learning how to sell. However, if you read and apply what I’m sharing with you this week, I guarantee you close sales you would not have otherwise, but you’ll have several exciting “ah-ha” moments that will change your perspective on the sales process.

That’s it for the introduction. Next week we kick off this series with big mistake #1.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mini-Course Mania” Dee

P.S. I have clients coming to my home for private consulting days Tuesday and Wednesday. I have just two left available for April/May. If you’re interested, please reply to this email with “Private Consulting,” and I’ll send you the details.

About the Author Dave Dee

Dave Dee is the author of the new book, “Sales Stampede” that shows you how to create and deliver signature presentations from the stage or via webinars that sell your consultations, products, or services like magic. For more information and to grab your copy, CLICK HERE now.