I have no pity for this person

Over the weekend, I posted the following in the Dave Dee Inner Sanctum VIP Facebook Group:

“Your thoughts on this: Small business owners who are foolish enough not to study and apply solid direct response marketing and sales strategies deserve to go out of business. Methinks, absolutely.”

The responses were fascinating. Some folks agreed with me while others thought I was harsh. Marketing genius, Frank Merenda from Italy, wrote two amazing posts that were mini-lessons in entrepreneurial success.

What happens in the Inner Sanctum VIP group is for members eyes only, so I can’t reprint anything here but I want to continue the conversation with you.

I think it’s gross negligence for any entrepreneur not to study and master direct response marketing and sales. And, if they are struggling because of it, it’s their own damn fault.

When I started out as a magician, I thought if I was excellent at my craft, I would be successful. I wanted to believe that and spent hours practicing. But the reality of growing debt and unpaid bills shook me out of my complacency.

I’m no rocket scientist but it was pretty obvious if I wanted to book more shows and make more money, I needed to learn the business side of show business. So  I went to marketing seminars I couldn’t afford, bought products I “didn’t have the money for,” and implemented everything I could. It was scary, exhilarating, and exhausting. And then a strange thing happened:

My phone started to ring…and ring…and ring. I started booking more and more shows and before I knew it, I was a full-time pro with a full calendar, making a six-figure income, and living my childhood dream.

NONE of that would have happened, and I wouldn’t be writing to you, had I not gotten off of my ass, dispelled my preconceived ideas about what it was going to take to be successful, and invested in my self-education. I have no sympathy for struggling entrepreneurs who won’t do likewise.

And here’s another fact: The investment in self-education is a lifelong pursuit for the successful and wealthy entrepreneur. There is no other path to having the business and income y0u ardently desire.

Let’s make it a great week.

Dave “Motivational Monday” Dee

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