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I got chastised for selling too much

Yesterday, I started telling you about the time I worked for the company that Dan Kennedy founded and was sold to a corporate entity.

Today we’ll continue the saga.

I had come up with a new product called The Ultimate Marketing Machine, which eventually became the top-selling program at GKIC.

My team and I planned a product launch, and I wanted to test the one-to-many presentation we would use as the core to sell UMM.

Since we were doing a live two-day marketing Bootcamp a couple of weeks before the launch, I decided to do the presentation there.

The results were spectacular. I sold about 30 units of the $1,997 program to an audience of approximately one hundred people.

Mike Stodola, my partner in crime at the company, and I were fired-up because we knew that we had a huge winner on our hands. So we went out for a celebratory glass of wine (or two or three). Then, I decided to call the company’s president and tell her the good news.

I told el Presidente about the sales results and waited for a virtual high-five over the phone. Instead, she asked why I sold the product before the launch and chastised me by saying, “Those sales and that money are now going in the wrong bucket and won’t be attributed to the launch.”

Say what?

For some reason, the president thought everyone who bought at the live Bootcamp would buy on the launch and that it’d be better to wait to get the DEEnero.

I was fuming after I got off the phone and told Mike that was the last straw and that I would quit right then and there. Mike walked me off the ledge, and we had one of the most successful product launches in the company’s history.

As entrepreneurs, we must focus on what’s most important in our businesses; sales and profits. Yes, delivering excellent service and getting our clients’ results is imperative, but cash flow and revenue are king because we’ll eventually have no clients to serve without that.

Tomorrow, I’ll end this trilogy by telling you about the actual straw that broke the camel’s back.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Sales & Profits” Dee

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