Humbled by what I experienced yesterday

I was humbled and impressed by something I experienced yesterday in New Orleans.

My family and I went to the World War II Museum. I’ve been to many museums but nothing like this one. It was thrilling, sobering, exciting, and humbling all at the same time.

Going through the museum was a theatrical experience. You were taken on a journey and entertaining history lesson. The closest I’ve experienced to this was the Holocust Memorial Museum, but the National World Word II Museum took it to a whole new level.

One of the best theater techniques they used was the “cliffhanger.” At every stage of the war, you would watch a brief movie. The movie would end on a cliffhanger, setting up the next part of your tour. Even though you knew what the “ending” was, you were emotionally pulled throughout the museum.

Although what you’re selling probably isn’t as dramatic as World War II, you too want to use cliffhangers whenever you do a webcast or speaking presentation. You can do that by starting to tell a story but hold off revealing the ending until later in your presentation.

You can also use them as part of an email sequence. Email marketing master Andre Chaperon calls it a “Soap Opera Sequence.” Where each email ends on a cliffhanger, so you’re looking forward to reading the next email in the sequence. I don’t use that technique but will often use it in a single email.

By using cliffhangers, you keep your audience mentally engaged and paying attention.

As we were walking out of the museum into the chilly night air, Karen looked at me and said, “We enjoy our freedom because of all of those brave men and women.” Although that’s something we already know, experiencing the power of the National World Word II Museum makes you feel it, and be humbled.

Have a great Saturday.

Dave “Grateful” Dee

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