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How to get paid to generate leads

Whether you use Facebook, LinkedIn, paid search, direct mail, or any other method, lead generation costs a pretty penny.

In addition to the cost, some of the leads you acquire aren’t qualified to do business with you, which increases your customer acquisition cost.

But what if you had zero lead generation expense, virtually all of the leads you attracted were high-quality, and turning leads into clients was easier? How would that change your business?

The only way to do that is to do joint ventures with other business owners with the same types of clients you have.

Some of my biggest six-figure paydays have come when speaking on other people’s stages. They gathered an audience of their clients, gave me a glowing introduction, and then I delivered a one-to-many sales presentation. In those scenarios, I got paid to acquire customers, but many folks who didn’t buy, also checked out my website and subscribed to my “DEEmails,” and many became clients.

Accessing other business owners’ lists is one of the fastest and most effective ways to fill your calendar with appointments with top-notch clients. Delivering a group presentation makes it happen that much faster.

The steps are straightforward:

  1. Create a list of business owners that have the same client profile as you do.
  2. Contact them and propose a joint venture where you’ll do a webinar swap with them.
  3. Have your new JV partner promote a webinar to their list of clients.
  4. Deliver the webinar and make an irresistible offer to their clients so they schedule appointments.
  5. Close the sale.

If you focused on this simple but highly-effective strategy, you could drastically cut your lead generation expense and quickly get more clients in less time and with less stress.

In February’s Inner Sanctum “Sales Arcana” print newsletter, I share how to find joint venture partners who have the clients and leads you’d love to get access to, how to approach joint venture partners so they enthusiastically say “yes” the three main joint venture frameworks and how to choose the one that’s right for you.

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Dave “Swapping For Fun & Profit” Dee

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