Holy schmokes, I almost had a heart attack - Dave Dee

Holy schmokes, I almost had a heart attack

Yesterday, I watched the battle of two of the worst teams in football; The Miami Dolphins vs. the Cincinnati Bengals.

I was merrily sipping a glass of Chianti reveling in the Dolphin’s first blowout victory of the year. Heck, they were up by TWENTY-THREE points in the fourth quarter.

The problem was the Bengals didn’t give up. They tied the game with a flurry of improbable scores in the last two minutes.

To say Dr. Dee “wasn’t happy” is an understatement. Fortunately, alls well that ends well, and my boys won the game as the clock hit zero in overtime.

The lessons are pretty clear.

First, it ain’t over until it’s over. You can’t sit on your laurels no matter how well you’re doing. Complacency is a profit killer.

Second, never give up. Fight until the end. Yes, you might have to change your game plan. Pig-headed persistence is dumb if you keep doing the same things that aren’t working and hoping for a different result.

Is there a goal you set for yourself that you’re close to hitting and, with a little bit more effort, you could still achieve? 2019 isn’t over yet, kemosabe. I encourage you to go for it!

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Looking forward to the draft” Dee

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