Holy guacamole, this guy is a magnificent speaker.

Last night I had the privilege on watching a MASTER of his craft give a stunning presentation. I had seen him twice before and once spoke at the same event as him.

I'm talking about Nido Qubein.

This guy commanded the stage and held the audience in rapt attention. He used no PowerPoint, no overhead – nothing but his words.

He was obviously a pro, with over 7,000 speeches under his belt. Of course, he was impeccably dressed and prepared. But his big secret for giving was such a powerful performance was simply this:

He was the real deal. He was not on stage giving a "book report", as he called it. He was speaking about a topic he had lived and was a true expert at, namely business building. In addition to being the President of High Point University (which is dramatically transformed) he is on the Board of Directors of Great Harvest Bread Co., La-Z-Boy Furniture and BB&T Bank. Nido spoke from great experience and really did what he was teaching his audience.

The problem with most speakers, especially the Internet marketing guru crowd, is they have never really done what they're telling you to do. They've only made DEEnero teaching other people how to make DEEnero. You've got to clutch your wallet tightly when those folks speak.

To end this week, here is something powerful for you to think about from Nido's presentation:

"Happiness comes from knowing what your purpose in life is. This leads to passion which leads to energy. Energy leads to action which leads to success. Success can lead significance which leads to happiness."

Have a great weekend and as always,

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee

P.S. I bought EVERYTHING Nido offered. I'm a student, just like you. Remember that school is never out for the real pro. So, if you haven't done so already grab yourself a copy of this book about direct marketing for non- direct marketing businesses. It's a freebie – you just take care of shipping.