The gross and hilarious thing that happened last night

Warning: This email contains an unpleasant story that is pretty darn funny — mainly because it didn’t happen to me.

Last night, after a lovely Italian dinner, Karen and I, along with our guest for the evening, Mike “The Jewel” Stodola, came back to the house. Being the polite houseguest he is, The Jewel took off his shoes and proceeded to walk down the dark hallway in his socks to the guest bedroom.

He then exclaimed, “Dude, you have a huge leak somewhere! The hallway is covered in water!” As he took off his soggy socks, I ran to see what the situation was.

It wasn’t a “leak” in the traditional sense. No, our dog Ginger is getting old, really old, and, well, had an “accident” which Mike was lucky enough to “discover.”

Not being a dog fan in the first place, I was unhappy with our pooch, but, after apologizing to Mike, laughter ensued. I’m still laughing as I write this.

But what isn’t funny, are the leaks you have in your business that are costing you a lot of DEEnero. As entrepreneurs, we’re always looking for ways to bring in new revenue while ignoring where profits are being siphoned off. I’m not pointing fingers; I’m as guilty as anyone.

Here’s my challenge to you:

Plug one leak in your business this coming week. It can be something simple or complex. It doesn’t matter. Just do one thing.

Have a dynamite Saturday.

Dave “I Owe The Jewel A Pair Of Socks” Dee

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