You get what you ask for, Bubba

Occasionally,  business owners will complain to me about their customers. “They’re cheap.” “They don’t respect me.” “They think I’m at their beck and call.”

Here’s a dose a hard reality:

You’re the one who attracts your customers and then trains them to act the way they do. If your marketing is attracting jackasses, then you’re going to have jackasses for customers.

If you train your customers that every time they want you to jump, you jump – you’re creating  customers who think you should be at your beck and call.

When generating leads, your job is two-fold:

Attract the people you want and repel the people you don’t.

Most people don’t give any thought to the latter and only think about the quantity of leads they generate.

You want to your customer to respect you? Respect yourself and don’t put up with bad behavior. Opposed to conventional wisdom, the customer is not always right.  Sometimes their behavior is so not right, you need to fire them.

But let’s say that you are in market where your customers are all low-rent, jackasses. Hmm, who picked that market? As the late Jim Rohn said, “You’re not a tree.” You can change markets.

This really comes down to accepting responsibility for your business and your life. Once you accept responsibility (Not, blame. Those are two different things.) for everything you have or don’t have, you unleash your power to change it.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “My Customers Actually Rock” Dee

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