From high in the sky

I’m sitting on the plane flying back to Atlanta.

I’ve been on the road for a solid week and spoke five times during that time, including today where I taught the audience how to structure and present a one-to-many sales presentation.

One of the key points I made was the importance of developing a strong offer. 

Yes, the structure of the presentation is mission critical but, in the end, it’s the offer that makes or breaks your results.

Most people don’t spend anywhere near enough time crafting an offer that precisely matched what their audience wants and desires. 

The worst offenders are folks who offer free stuff – free consultations, free books, free videos, etc. Hey, Bubba, you still need to sell your audience on taking you up on your offer. ALL of the same rules apply just as if you were selling something.

So, if you’re not getting the sales results you desire, start with creating a better offer, and watch the DEEnero start rolling on in.

Time for one more glass of crappy red wine.


Dave “Can’t Wait To Get Home” Dave

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