Free Report: Integrating Story Into Your Sales Presentation

In the live Google Hangout I did last Friday, I talked about the importance of integrating story into your sales presentation. (If you missed the live broadcast you can watch a video of it by clicking here. If you haven't seen the first live Google Hangout presentation, make sure to click here to watch that one as well.)

I wanted to give you more details about the power of using storytelling so today I'm giving you an excerpt from my soon to be released new product: The Psychic Salesperson System – Speaker's Edition. In this is excerpt you will discover:

The big mistake most speakers make when crafting their presentations.

  • Why telling stories is critical to connecting to your prospects on a deep emotional level.
  • The truth about what people want most from any presentation.
  • How to tell YOUR story in the most efffective manner possible.

As with everything we do at the Psychic Sales Insitute, this excerpt is packed with information with no fluff or filler so you can learn what you need to learn in order to get the results you want in the fastest way possible.

Click Here to download the storytelling report, read it and then let me know your thoughts by commenting on the blog.

Kick butt, make mucho "DEE-nero!"

Dave Dee

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