Four words to set your sales on fire

When I was fresh off the turnip truck trying to sell radio advertising, my sales were abysmal.  Only the most motivated prospect would but from me.

One day the vice president of the company was in town. She called me into her office and asked to hear my presentation. I didn’t have a planned presentation. I was winging it. Regardless, I forged ahead and did the presentation for her.

After listening, she told me something I would never forget.

“Dave, you’re not connecting the features of advertising on our station with the benefits your prospects want.”

There’s a whole lesson in that statement, but then she laid down this bombshell:

“Whenever you talk about a feature, always follow up with saying, which means to you…”

Four simple words that bridge features and benefits.

Here’s an example:

“Mr. Prospect, our Diamond level advertising package is best because you’ll dominate the airwaves, which means to you that more people with hear your commercials more often, and you’ll get the results you told me you wanted.”

By the way, there’s a power influence word in the first sentence above. Can you guess what it is? I’ll tell you tomorrow.

For now, remember always to say “Which means to you” whenever you talk about a feature of your offer.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Gold Nuggets In Every DEEmail” Dee

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