Dumbass Marketing Award For 2020 - Dave Dee

Dumbass Marketing Award For 2020

The other day I got the following message on Linkedin from this dude by the name of Grant:

“Dave – I’ve been really impressed with the content/training you’ve been providing recently, but I noticed that you aren’t currently offering courses about this topic yet through your website (at least not that I could find).

Have you ever thought about packaging up your content and expertise into an online course that people can buy?”

Congratulations, Grant. You’ve won the first “Dumbass Marketing Award For 2020!”

First, I’ve never heard of this guy, and he pitches me right out of the gate. As an aside, whoever is teaching people to pitch new connections on Linkedin immediately, should also get the above reward. It’s dumb, annoying, and ineffective.

Second, good ole Grant sent me a terribly obvious templated email. Inserting someone’s name in a message doesn’t make it customized or seem personal.

Third, and DMA award winner’s biggest mistake, was doing no research. That is laziness of the highest order. Had he gone to my website and clicked on the “resources” tab, he would have seen that we kind of know what we’re doing when it comes to creating and selling online courses. He could have adjusted his pitch accordingly.

Take a look at your marketing and sales process and make sure you don’t find yourself as a nominee for the dubious award.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Award Giver” Dee

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