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Download this handout

Yesterday, I discussed how to get cold leads who register for a webinar to show up. Today, I’ll share with you a tip that will help with that will also keep your audience engaged during your webinar. Remember that more engagement means higher conversions.

I hid the secret in the subject line of the email. (Yes, I am tricky.) It’s to create a downloadable handout for the webinar.

well-designed PDF handout accomplishes the following:

  1. It acts as a reminder about the webinar. (Top tip: Instruct attendees to print it.)
  2. It increases the show-up rate because when attendees look at it before the webinar, they’ll want to know the answers to the “fill-in-the-blank” sections.
  3. Your audience will be more attentive and engaged during your presentation; this leads to higher conversion.
  4. Compliance. That is a biggy. The more you can get your audience to do what you ask them to do during your webinar, the more of them will schedule an appointment with you when you ask them to do it. (I’ll talk more about this in tomorrow’s DEEmail.)
  5. After the webinar, it acts as a reminder about you if you instruct your attendees to print it.

Handouts can increase your conversions during and after your webinar, but most people don’t use them because they can be a pain to create. I felt the same way until I developed a simple process for quickly and easily creating handouts. In the Inner Sanctum VIP Masterclass, I’m doing on February 1st, I’ll explain precisely how to do it.

If you’re not a VIP and you do webinars or seminars, and you want to increase the number of clients you get, you can join us in the Inner Sanctum by going here:

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Handout Magic” Dee

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