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Don Draper’s perfect sales pitch

This is a mandatory, not optional assignment.

Take two minutes and seven seconds, watch this right now, and then return.






What you just watched is the ideal example of zero neediness selling and is the complete opposite of what most professionals do when they meet with a prospect. Instead of being in control and exuding total, unabashed confidence, they let the prospect run the show and resort to begging for the prospect’s business.

The most telling line is at the very end of the clip. The powerful client, who is now intrigued with Draper’s strategy, tells him to sit down. Don’s response? “No.” He is in control, not the prospect.

Now, the actual pitch before Don started talking sucked because there was no pre-framing or getting the client to reach the conclusion the salesman wanted them to reach. Did you catch that? The best way to persuade your prospects is to get them to believe that the idea you want to sell them is their own.

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Dave “Be A Badass Like Draper” Dee

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