Do you have an ACE up your sleeve like Dr. Phil?

How'd you like to have an advantage your competitors don't know about? Well, step right on up because the Davemeister is going to teach you a trick that'll do just that for you.

ACE is an acronym for Authority, Celebrity & Expertise and those are the elements that'll make customers flock to you in such masses that your competition will think you're practicing some type of black magic.

Business owners and entrepreneurs who have mastered this trick make all the DEEnero and other folks in their field pretty much despise them.

Let's look at Dr. Phil for example. The good doctor is under constant attack from other psychiatrists. Many believe this guy is joke. They believe, and probably rightly so, that they really help people and are much more skilled at therapy than Dr. Phil will ever be. They think since they are actually master practitioners of their craft, they should be making more money. Ah, but good ole Dr. Phil is laughing all the way to the bank.

You will too, when you become an ACE to your target market. Notice that I said, your target market. You don't have to become a national celebrity to make this happen.

By the way, the further you move up the economic food chain, the more important this become. The affluent make buying decisions based more on WHO YOU ARE, as opposed to what you do.

So how do you go about making it happen?

There are numerous strategies at your disposal but one of the easiest is to write your own book. A real book, NOT an e-book, if written correctly gives you the ACE in spades. (Get it? How witty.) You couple your book with a some local media interviews and you're golden.

The importance of being an ACE when it comes to selling cannot be overstated. When you pre-frame your prospects, closing the sale becomes easier because your prospects come predisposed to trusting you and taking your advice.

Just ask Dr. Phil.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "The ACE" Dee

P.S. Did you download your "ideal customer mind map" I told you about yesterday? Get it here.