Dirty tricks or smart marketing?

So, you’ve created a  webinar, done it live and gotten great results. Now you want to automate it. You search around the Internet and come across some software that will let you do that.

You come across a piece of software that let’s you automate the webinar, play it at certain time and make it look like it’s live with a fake chatroll or one that plays back the chatroll from your original live webinar.

Cool! Or is it?

In my humble opinion, it’s not cool because in essence you are lying to your prospect. Who does it hurt you ask? You and you your integrity.

It’s kind of like people who go to a see a Psychic who will communicate with their their deceased loved ones. You’ve probably seen these scam artists on television. They are take people’s money under false pretenses. Their mark thinks they are getting one thing but in reality or getting something completely different.

Now, I am NOT saying that you need to tell you’re prospect that the webinar is a recording. I am saying that you shouldn’t tell them that it’s live and pretend that it’s live when it isn’t. To me, it just doesn’t seem ethical.

Should you use automated webinars in your business?

Absolutely but use them with integrity.

By the way, I’ve tried a lot of different technology to automate webinars and this one is the best. It works flawlessly is super-easy to use even if you’re technologically challenged like me and will make you DEEnero while you sleep. Check it out here.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Is he live or not” Dee