Designing A Killer Sales Presentation

My daughter has bluish, green hair. 

Yesterday, I picked her up from school and discovered that her once blonde locks are now the color of the ocean. I'll admit it's going to take some getting used to but she likes it so that's cool.

The reason for this change , is she has a modeling gig this Sunday and the the photographer is going for a certain, edgy, modern look. The photographer knows what she wants the end results of the pictures to be.

She is "beginning with the end in mind" as the late Stephen Covey taught.

I'm knee deep in the process of creating a sales presentation for the upcoming GKIC SuperConference and I began by first designing the offer.

Next week, we'll talk more about creating irresistible offers but for now just remember that you want to design your offer before you even think about creating a presentation. Your presentation is built around your offer. 

So after you create your offer, you start putting together your presentation, right?

No!  Forty lashes for you!

The next step is to create your order form. The order form, if designed properly, acts as a sales tool and puts onto one piece of paper, in a succinct format, all the features, benefits and bonuses that comprise your offer.

After you've done that, you begin creating your presentation BUT you do NOT begin at the beginning of your presentation.

You design the entire close first. I begin with the transition from the teaching chunks to the close and then work my way through the entire close. Only after I've finished that, do I start creating the presentation from the beginning.

In essence, you design a killer sales presentation backwards. 

By the way, it does not matter whether your creating a presentation you're doing live, in front of a group of people, for a webinar or video sales letter or in print.

If you want to see a sales presentation that rocks, in a different format than the norm, you can check it out here. This is a site I created many years ago when I was the top seller of Dan Kennedy products.  Note that I'm giving you the direct link so you don't have to opt-in again.

Today, my daughter is getting her hair cut and styled for the shoot. I'm sure glad I have a supply of wine handy,

Make it a great Saturday and as always…

Kick butt, make mucho "DEEnero!"

Dave Dee