Deconstructing video 1

Did you watch the "Source Code" video Dan Kennedy and I produced? 

If not, watch it now before you read this email. Not only is the content awesome but there are lot of things going on that I want to reveal here.






Okay, I'm trusting that you watched it. 🙂

There were a number of things I needed to accomplish in this first video. Although we weren't selling a product, I was most definitely selling.

I had to sell that Dan Kennedy was the real deal and an expert on the topic. YOU always have to sell you FIRST.

Next, I had to sell the audience on how what Dan and I was talking about was different than they might have heard before. Dan is talking about "wealth attraction" but NOT in a woo-woo, new age way. His is hardcore business training. 

Next, I needed to sell the viewers on the philosophy we were espousing. Books like "Think & Grow Rich" are almost entirely about selling a philosophy. If the viewer doesn't "buy" our philosophy, they aren't going to continue watching or buy anything else.

Finally, I had to sell viewers on watching the next episode.

The question for you to answer is, "What are ALL of the things you need to sell during your presentations?"

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave "Video Killed The Radio Star" Dee