Dangerous Rituals

I just got back from a two-day event where I trained a group of smart, motivated entrepreneurs on how to create presentations that sell.

This evening for your reading pleasure, I have a little mysterious tale for you…


The smell of incense is what first hits your senses as you slowly walk into the dimly lit room.

You sit down on a plush red velvet couch and begin to look around at the strange, mystical artifacts that adorn your surroundings

Crystal balls, ancient looking Tarot cards under glass and other oddities intrigue you.

You start reading framed newspaper articles hung carefully on the wall about Madam Blavatsky, the famous psychic who you are about to see.

Her books are prominently displayed and you are impressed with her expertise in some many psychic subjects.

Your excitement and anticipation begins to build.

A gentleman enters the room. He is smartly dressed in a suit and tie that harkens back to 1940’s fashion. He is holding a small, elegant silver tray on which is a linen card about the size of an index card and an envelope.

He welcomes you and introduces himself as Mr. Cayce. He asks you to write down your most important question about your future on the card and seal it in the envelope.“Madam Blavatsky will be seeing you in just a moment. Meditate on the question you now hold” he instructs.

As he departs you wonder what all this means and then notice an old looking, leather bound book on the mahogany table in front of you. You carefully open it.

Inside there are dozens and dozens of handwritten notes of gratitude from Madam Blavatsky’s clients.  These notes espouse how much she has helped and guided them with amazing accuracy and care throughout the years.

One note in particular catches your attention. It is from a local, well-respected newscaster in your town. You are surprised that she is one of Madam’s clients.

Just then, Mr. Cayce reappears and informs you that Madam Blavatsky is ready to see you.

He guides you through a beaded doorway into another small, dimly lit room. In the center of the room there is a round table. On the table are three candles with are in a semi-circle around a brass bowl which sits in its’ center.

There are two chairs. One is simple and yet elegant. The other is more ornate, almost throne-like.

Cayce pulls out the simple chair, asks you to sit and then departs once again.

You look around and see even more framed magazine and newspaper articles about the famed psychic.

And then she enters…

She is dressed exactly like you would expect her to be dressed but she is friendlier than you anticipated.

She immediately puts you at ease as she asks you questions about yourself and your life. You can tell she is really listening to you and that she cares.

Then the atmosphere shifts.

She becomes more serious and lights the three candles.

She shuts her eyes and in an almost trance like state begins to sing a gentle hymn.

The song ends, she asks you for the envelope and then touches its’ corner to the candle flame

With great reverence, she places the blazing envelope into the brass bowl and stares deeply into the smoke billowing up from it.

Then, with amazing accuracy, she tells you about your past, issues you are facing right now and answers your question about the future.

Before you know it, it’s over.

Madam Blavatsky looks tired, drained. She has worked hard for you. You thank her profusely for her insights.

Mr. Cayce reappears. Your time is up and he leads you out of the room.

With a knowing smile, he asked you about your experience.

You enthusiastically rave about it and ask him when you can see Madam Blavatsky again.

He tells you that she only accepts regular clients who she has a connection with and who she thinks she can help long-term.

With that, he says he will be right back and leaves the room.

You open the leather bound “gratitude journal” once again and read entry after entry from the psychic’s long list of ecstatic clients.

The more you read, the more you hope she will accept you into her client family.

A smiling Mr. Cayce enters the room and tells you that he spoke to Madam and that she felt a deep connection with you and that she would accept you as her clients.

He then presents you with three different options. You select the middle one.

Cayce congratulates and then asks if you would like to write something in the gratitude journal.

You actually feel honored and write a glowing endorsement.

As you walk out the door, you feel better about yourself and your future than when you came in and you look forward to your next visit with your newfound friend and advisor – Madam Helena Blavatsky.


My little psychic tale is over-flowing with profound sales and marketing insights.

I encourage you to re-read this, this time with pen in hand and make notes about all the lessons this story contains and, more importantly, how you can apply them to your business.

Tomorrow, my fine feathered friend, I will go in-depth on all the secrets contained herein and reveal how you can use them to…

Kick butt, make mucho “DEEnero!”

Dave “Tales From The Darkside” Dee