The damn rabbit bit me

I was rocking and rolling and finally living me dream of being a professional magician but I was getting burnt out. Doing 25 shows a month is tough…especially when most of them were at kids birthdays.

I had a pure white rabbit I made “appear” during the show – his name was Frank and he was a mean little bugger.

Whenever I had all the kids come up and pet him, Frank would bury his head under my arm and bite the hell out of my ribs. He was cool with the kids but evil with me.

Did you ever have a rabbit bite YOU in the ribs? I didn’t think so. It ain’t pretty, Buckwheat.

After coming home from a grueling day of gigs and chunks taken out of my ribs, it occurred to me that I might want to find another way to make money in addition to doing shows.

I didn’t want to quit what I was doing – I was beginning to make headway into the more lucrative corporate market where no rabbit was required and really did love performing. (Still do.) I just wanted an income stream that didn’t require me to go out and book shows.

I heard about this thing called “information marketing” and it sounded like the perfect business.

It could be run on part time basis from home. No overhead. Crazy-high margins. Easily systematized and automated. The ability to really make DEEnero while I slept. It sounded perfect.

So I bought a course about the info biz and placed my first lead generation ad. It cost me a whopping $65. It was a tiny ad – basically a headline and a call to action: Call a toll free recorded message to get a copy of a free report.

Well to my surprise people started calling but that created another problem…I’ll tell you about that tomorrow.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave Dee