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Creating your "lead generation magnet"

My mentor, Dan Kennedy ( talks about the importance of creating a lead generation magnet and a secondary reason for response.

Let’s briefly discuss each one of these powerful marketing concepts and see how they can make you a lot of money.

A “lead generation magnet” is typically free information that your target market really wants to have.

For example, an accountant might have a free report” entitled, “7 Big Money Tax Saving Strategies The IRS Does Not Want You To Know.” A sales consultant r might offer a free report called, “The Unusual Secret For Doubling Your Sales In 90 Days Or Less”.

The idea is to create a free report that is of interest to your target market and give it a compelling title.

How do you use this “lead generation” magnet after you created it? It’s easy.

In all of your ads, lead generation letters, and other lead generation materials, you offer your free report. The free report acts as the bait that attracts the fish (your prospects) to you.

There are a couple ways to go about this. The first way is to just market the free report and not even mention what you do. When you send the free report to someone who requests it, you also send a sales letter, brochure, etc. about your services.

The second way to use the free report is as “secondary reason for response.”

In this case, your marketing materials do sell the prospect on requesting information about your services and the free report is a “bonus gift” he/she receives. In essence, the free report gives them a second reason to request your information.

Your free report doesn’t have to be long. A single sheet of paper printed on both sides is fine as long as you are just giving quick tips. I know people who have reports that are 68 pages long.

More important than the length of the report, is the content. You want to give real information and NOT just make it a sales letter.

Give your prospect real, usable information in the report and then sell your services in the materials you send along with it.

If you take action and use this strategy, it will transform the quality and profitability of your business.

Kick butt, make mucho “dee-nero!”

~Dave Dee

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