Crappy americanized Chinese food – why, oh why?

Yesterday, after church, my son and I went out for Chinese food. I didn’t feel like driving 45 minutes to the normal area where we get authentic Chinese so we went to a local joint.

I did my best to order something that would come close to “real” Chinese cuisine but it pretty much sucked.

As I was paying my bill, a Chinese couple came into the restaurant and promptly handed a “secret” menu with authentic  food choices. What a disappointment! I asked the waitress how come she didn’t offer me that menu and she replied, “Americans usually don’t like it.”

She’s right. Most American’s taste buds are lame. They don’t like authentic anything and usually refuse to even try it.  Sad but true.

The documentary, “Finding General Tso”, chronicles how Chinese immigrants assimilated into American culture through the restaurant business and how they changed their “exotic” food recipes to make them more accessible to the American palate.

As sad as that is for “food snobs” like me, it was definitely the right move and brings up an important sales point:

If you want to sell your products or services more easily, give people what they want not what you want to sell them or what you think they need.

Now because we are ethical entrepreneurs, we must also give them what they need in the delivery of what they want so our customers can get the outcome they desire. BUT, we can’t get them the outcome or their money, if we don’t close the sale.

When I sell my done for you sales presentation creation services, (And no, this is not a pitch for that. I am booked to the brim right now.) I sell my client what they want, namely that I’ll create the entire presentation for them. In most cases, though, I also reengineer their offer, which is usually weak. I sell them what they want and then also give them what they need.

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You assignment for this week is simple:

Find authentic Chinese food in your area and try it. You’ll make me proud.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Mr. Authentic” Dee