Cilantro and Deep Fried Selling

I had been looking forward to going to what has been consistently been voted one of the best restaurants in Atlanta. It’s a Chinese place with the humble name Masterpiece. Critics rave about this place and how authentic is. They talk about how the chef used to be the head chef for the royal family in China. They gush over how “authentic” the dishes are. Well…

It sucked.

(Lest you think I don’t like or know what authentic Chinese food is, I’ve been eating authentic Chinese food whole life. I can’t stand the sweet syrupy American version of the stuff. )

We ordered a ton of dishes so we could taste food from all of the different categories on the menu. Nearly everything was garnished with cilantro with the stems included as a bonus. Dish after dish was deep-fried, even when the menu said it was pan fried. And, for the most part, everything tasted the same. What a disappointment.

When everything tastes the same, the meal is boring. It’s the same when you do a one-to-many sales presentation. You want to take your audience on an emotional journey. You want to paint the picture of how good their life will be if they follow your advice and you also want to show them a darker future if they keep doing what they’ve always done. You want to make them laugh and if you can, make them cry. You want to make them angry at an enemy and make them love you for being the hero than can vanquish that enemy.

What you don’t want to do is serve them all cilantro and fried food.

Have a great weekend.

~Dave Dee

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