Charlie Brown’s Christmas Secret

You know the Charlies Brown Christmas story, right?

Charlie picks out the a small, wimpy tree and the kids laugh at him. But then through love and care, Charlie’s tree grows, becomes strong and beautiful.

This is a perfect metaphor when it comes to learning new skills

Most often, when you try anything new, you’re going to struggle and your performance will be weak.

That’s why big-time comedians will work small comedy clubs, some on open mic nights, to test out new material and practice their routines before they go on tour.

When we start a new project or try learning a new skill, we are full of enthusiasm and excitement. Then we hit some roadblocks, we awkward, we fail and maybe even the kids laugh at us.

When I first started to learn how to sell from the stage or on webinars, it wasn’t pretty. I was awkward, made a bunch of mistakes and bombed. Sure, this was unpleasant and depressing, especially when I needed the money.

There were times that I wanted to quit but because I had a lot of “reasons why” learning this skill was important to me, I kept learning. I kept trying. I kept at it.

Soon, like Charlie’s tree, my skill began to grow and my presentations and results became stronger. And then, one day, all the lights on my “sales tree” lit up and I sold $300,o00 worth of a product in 75 minutes and the kids no longer laughed at me.

What new skills are you going to cultivate in 2017 that will help grow your business and enhance your life?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown” Dee

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