Change of heart?

It happened first in Atlanta a few weeks ago and then in Austin last week. Quite frankly, it shocked even me.

I might  have had a change of heart about…

Mexican food.

If you’ve been reading my emails for a while now, you know I’ve written about my disdain for one of America’s most favorite foods. I never understood why people liked it, and I still don’t, unless they are eating authentic Mexican cuisine.

You see, at long last, I found a restaurant in Atlanta that served the real stuff. The same thing in Austin and I’m not talking Tex-Mex crapola but the real deal. And it was delicious.

Now don’t get me wrong, I would rather have Italian food every which way to Sunday however, the authentic stuff is purty darn good.

Almost everything authentic is better than bland imitations, isn’t it? And that includes entrepreneurs who speak to sell.

There’s not much worse than seeing a speaker who is a pale imitation of someone else, including his or her speaking guru.

When someone does a presentation and doesn’t let the audience know who they really are, they miss out on the connection necessary for making the sale. Their audience can sense that the speaker is being disingenuous, and that doesn’t build trust.

You want to be an amplified version of who you are on stage whether that’s an in-person or an online stage. You want to let your audience know who you truly are by telling your personal stories and by being yourself. That, and a killer offer will lead to sales success.

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Dave “Authentic Mexican Food Fan” Dee