What we can learn from the Patriots glorious defeat

It’s no secret that as a Miami Dolphins fan, I hate the New England Patriots. Yes, a great deal of it has to do with jealousy, but there are other reasons as well. So, yesterday’s Super Bowl was simply glorious.

But, I begrudgingly need to talk about the brilliance of Tom Brady. Damn that boy is good. The dude threw for over 500 yards in the losing effort. With this guy at the helm, you never thought the Pats were out of it – even on the last drive of the game.

With just 56 seconds left in the game and the Patriots starting at their 9-yard line and needing a touchdown and a two-point conversion to tie, Brady takes the field. I looked at my son David and said, “With any other quarterback, I’d think this game was over.” But with Tom Terrific under center, anything is possible. Brady believed he could do it; the coaches believed it as did all of Patriots Nation.

Tom then did what Tom does. Cool as a cucumber, he methodically drives the offense down the field and puts them in a position where they have one last shot off pulling off a miracle. With nine seconds left, Tom avoids a sack and heaves a hail mary into the end zone. Fortunately for Patriot haters everywhere the ball harmlessly falls to the ground, and the Eagles win.

Although the drive failed, there are many lessons to be learned by Brady’s magnificent performance.

  1. Expect to win and hate to lose.
  2. Never give up, no matter what the odds.
  3. Be methodical in your approach by focusing on the next thing you need to do to reach your outcome. When Tom was his nine-yard line, he wasn’t thinking about chucking the ball as far as he could to get a touchdown. He methodically leads his team down the field one first down at a time to put his team in a position to pull off a miracle.
  4. Don’t panic. Stay calm and focused on the task at hand.
  5. Fight until the very end – you might just pull off a miracle.

Sadly, another football season is history.

I can’t wait for the fall.

Dave “Congrats Philadelphia” Dee

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