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But what if I don’t have any leads?

As I tell everyone, I’m not a lead generation expert, but I still get asked questions about that topic.

For example, during “The Phoenix Phenomenon” webinar, I taught a couple of strategies for converting old leads into clients,” and a participant wrote in the chat that my strategies wouldn’t work for her because she didn’t have any leads.

If you don’t have any leads and are not doing anything to generate them, you methinks you don’t have a genuine business yet. That’s fine, but if that’s the case, building a list of high-quality prospects needs to be job numero uno.

Because I’m a prince among men, I shared with her a strategy anyone can use to generate leads at no cost. It’s the same strategy I used to generate over 800 registrants for the Webinar.

Joint ventures.

I contacted clients and friends who had lists of people for whom the Webinar would be valuable and potentially good candidates to attend the S3 Summit.

I wrote a series of emails, and they sent it to their lists, and, whammo, webinar registrants, aka new leads, started pouring in.

My cost? Zero upfront. I paid an affiliate commission on S3 Summit ticket sales.

By the way, paying commission is not necessary. In fact, for many J.V.s, I do simple marketing swaps. I’ll email to my list endorsing you, and you email to your list endorsing me.

Every business owner can use this strategy. Simply ask yourself, “What type of business has the same type of client as I do?” And then start contacting the business owners and set up J.V.s with them.

Here’s an easy example: A financial advisor and an estate planning attorney can not only endorse each other but do a webinar together and promote it to their lists.

In another business I’m an owner in, we did precisely that and generated 86 highly qualified leads for a financial services organization.

At the S3 Summit, I won’t be talking a lot about lead generation, but my co-host Julie Steinbacher will be. It’s one of her sweet spots. She’s invested tens of thousands of dollars testing different methods to generate leads for her multi-million dollar law firm. At the Summit, she will share with attendees what works best and what you need to avoid. ANYONE selling professional services will be able to apply her system.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “The Prince” Dee

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