The Boy In The Plastic Bubble – don’t be him

Do you remember the 1977 TV movie, “The Boy In The Plastic Bubble” starring John Travolta? (If you’re too young to remember that, check it out on the Google.)

The story revolves around a boy who is confined to staying a germ free, specially made room in his home because he doesn’t have a functioning immune system.

The entire movie and especially the ending, was over the top sappy but, hey it was “made for TV.”

It seems to this reporter that a lot of sales and marketing gurus and their devotees are living in a plastic bubble as well.

The gurus concoct wonderful sounding theories in their laboratories, scheme how to sell their theories from the dark recesses of their of their home (or parents basement)  and then foist them upon unsuspecting customers.

The problemo is that the gurus never tested their theories in the real world. They never stepped outside their plastic bubble to see if what they were selling really worked. Sure, they might sell a lot of their product but that doesn’t mean it actually works.

But let’s not forget our friendly business owners and entrepreneurs who are also living a plastic bubble, insulated from their customers and, in some cases, surrounded by “yes men.” They’ve lost touch with who their customers really are, what they want and desire, what keeps them awake at night and all the other stuff you need to know to sell effectively.

It’s time to step outside our plastic bubble, get on our horse and reconnect with the people we serve.

So my young friend, take a minute and and answer this simple question: What is the biggest challenge you’re struggling with in your business right now. Your answer will let me know how I can best help you.

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Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Can’t Believe I’m Old Enough For 70’s References” Dee