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Time management made simple…

I had a GREAT “date” with my eight year old daughter, Gina,last night. She got all dressed up, I bought her a rose and we went out for a nice dinner. Then it was off to a hotel, where we swam in the pool, watched a movie and talked. What a night! I make sure […]

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The story of a father and his son…

My seven year old son, David, has been asking me for quite a while, “Daddy, when can you and I go out by ourselves and do some ‘man stuff’?” Tonight’s the night we are going to do just that. I was thinking of taking him to a strip club (That’s a joke, by the way. […]

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Answers To The Pop Marketing Quiz

Answers To The PopMarketing Quiz 1. Every month you do not contact your customers: a. You lose 1% of themb. You lose 5% of themc. You lose 8% of themd. You lose 10% of them Most business people do not stay in touch with their customers nearly as much as they should. If you don’t […]

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Test Your Knowledge: Pop Quiz!

Happy Friday! Today Professor Dee has a pop quiz that’ll test you’re marketing savvy and know how. Take a minute to answers the 6 questions below to see how much you *really* know about marketing your business. (You may just be surprised!) ========================================Pop Marketing Quiz======================================== 1. Every month you do not contact your customers: a. […]

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