Bill O’reilly’s stunning fall from grace

How quickly the mighty can fall.

Bill O’reilly was dumped by Fox News due to multiple sexual harrassments charges levied against him. This had to be a difficult decision since he had the the top rated cable news show for 15 years running. (Although if you’ve ever listened to the boneheads on at the other “news” networks, it’s not surprising.)

I was an on again, off again viewer of The Factor but never a huge fan nor did I ever read any of Billy-boys books.  I’m not here to pontificate about whether the allegations against him are true or not. No, my fine, feathered friend, I want to talk to you about…

The Power & Pitfalls Of Celebrity.

I’ve been teaching for a dog’s age that you need to become a celebrity to your target market. With it comes higher prices, less price resistance, more compliance, higher closing percentages and, in almost every case, a fatter wallet.

Do you think that O’reilly would have every one of his books on the bestseller list, his seminars sold out within minutes and have a robust membership site if he didn’t have the Fox News mega platform?

On a lesser, but equally as instruction scale, look at Theresa Cuputo, the Long Island Medium. She is a very lousy cold reader but  she reportedly commands $400 for a half and hour psychic reading. Do you think she could get that if she didn’t have her own television show? Heck, another “psychic” down the street will give you a better reading for fifty bucks.

We are in a celebrity obsessed culture. If you’re famous you get more respect and more money. It’s really that simple.

As Dan Kennedy points out,  the higher you move up the prospect income ladder, the more you are paid for who you are than what you do.

Now, you don’t have to be really famous, like national famous. You just need to be perceived as a celebrity to your target market.

Of course, there are pitfalls to this as O’reilly is now experiencing and maybe deservedly so. But even if you don’t experience that type of downfall, you need to know that when you put yourself out there – there are little trolls who are going to immediately try to knock you off your pedestal.

After I became “famous” in the magicians niche, people started slamming me even accusing me of not even being a real performer.

That’s just how it is and you need to learn to accept it and know that the benefits of celebrity far outweigh the pitfalls.

My guess is Bill O’reilly is going to do just fine and you’ll probably see him on television again soon…furthering his celebrity status and filling his bank account.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Ya Blew It, Bill” Dee

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