Big Friday Night Question To Ponder

There is nothing like sitting in Atlanta traffic on a Friday. What is usually a one-hour trip from the airport turned into two-hours but it was worth it. Here’s why:

I got to spend two-days coaching a group of incredible entrepreneurs and running a mastermind group. I’m always inspired after being with those folks.

In addition to the 9 course dinner we had last night, yes NINE courses, we did some really profound work together.

One member wanted to change the business he was in. Everyone in the group thought it was the wrong idea…including me…until I realized that he needed to ask himself a very important question and the question was this, “How do each of you business choices align with your core values?”

There is absolute magic in the answer to that question because it cuts through everything else. If what you’re doing doesn’t reflect what you value most in life, then why are you doing it?

By the way, I’m talking about what you value not “values” like honesty, integrity, etc. What are the things that you value most in your life? How do you define those values? These are deeply personal questions the answers to which provide you with a powerful guide for what you choose to do with you life.

When all was said and done, this brave member decided that changing his business most closely aligned with what he values.

Yeah, I know this is a little deep for a Friday night but I wanted to give you some food for thought.

Have a great weekend.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Tired of Driving” Dee