Amazon, our overworked delivery man & pricing

The wife and I were joking the other day that we receive packages from Amazon virtually every day…even on Sunday.

How about you? Are you an Amazon Prime member on steroids like we are? The ease, speed and ultra-convenience makes shopping an absolute pleasure.

And guess what…

We are also spending more money on Amazon than ever.

It used to be that Amazon offered the best prices on items. Not anymore. We don’t even shop around to find a lower price although, in some cases, you can easily find the same product for less money elsewhere.

BUT, do they have next day or same day delivery? Am I sure it will arrive? Amazon already has my credit card stored in their system. If I buy from someone else, I need to go and get my credit card and enter the details in.

Certainly there is a portion of the population who value bargains over speed, convenience and ease but not everyone does.

Price is not major determining factor for many people, including a large portion of your prospects. And you can’t get into the mindset that it is.

Many entrepreneurs make this mistake so instead of targeting the right prospects for their online event and developing a killer sales presentation that sells their product or service at premium price, they lower the price of their product or service and think that is their competitive advantage,

Having the lowest price is weak positioning at best because someone can always come in even lower.

No. You want to determine what your prospects want, find your unique advantage and develop a webinar or live online event that sells your product or service so price becomes nearly irrelevant. Of course, you need to attract the right prospect to register for your online event but that’s another story for another day.

So as we move into the weekend, let me ask you:

What is you big competitive advantage, kemosabe?

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave “Prime Power User” Dee