A Gorilla Walks Into A Bar…

A gorilla walks into a bar and orders a cold one. The bartender gives it to him, – and thinking that all gorilla’s are big dumb animals, and wouldn’t know they were being ripped off, says “That’ll be $25 please.”

The gorilla pays the money, and then starts to drink his beer.

A minute later making conversation the bartender says, “We don’t get many gorillas round these parts.”

The gorilla replies, “I’m not surprised at those prices.”

Ah, a little Friday morning humor for you, my friend.

Yesterday, we talked about the power of three and how you want to have three big teaching chunks in your presentation.

Today, I’m going to share with a simple structure for each of the three big chunks.

Just like in the gorilla joke, there needs to be a beginning, middle and end for each chunk. (Strange, there’s that magic number three again.)

At the beginning you introduce: 1) The problem or pain the audience is having that the chunk will solve. 2) Tell them why what their about to discover will solve the problem. 3) Get them to feel and see the benefit of solving the problem.

The middle is where you tell a story that illustrates the points you want to make. A case study works great here because it also acts as a testimonial. The structure of your story is in, you guessed it, three parts. The pain before the solution, the discovery of the solution and the resolution.

At the end you recap what you just talked about.

Now go forth and create some teaching chunks that actually help you sell something.

I’ll talk to ya on Monday.

Kick butt, make mucho DEEnero!

Dave ” He Shouldn’t Become A Comedian” Dee